The Katharine Hepburn Movie Revival – QLW011

Weep not, dear fans. You might have thought QLW had gone the way of poor Beth, but after a movie-style fake-out death, we’re back. This retro episode, recorded with the guest stars of the Pickled Limes Special, reviews the 1933 movie version of Little Women. Grab some popcorn and get ready for a reunion.

(Caution: due to some tech trouble, the volume levels on this episode are wonky. Be prepared to dial up or down throughout.)

The highlight of this movie was Amy’s armadillo-sushi hat.

Meg Goes to Vanity Fair (Ch 9) – QLW010

fuck-your-sexismYou know that thing, sexism? It’s back. In full force. Jo and Maggie take this opportunity to dig into Real Talk: on slut shaming, puberty and relationships, menopause wisdom, hormones, binders, and the pain of the gender binary. If there’s anything we can thank sexism for, it’s that it inspired another great episode of QLW.

Jo Meets Apollyon (Ch 8) – QLW009


Even if your little sister burns an entire book you wrote, you probably shouldn’t let her fall through the ice to her near death. Jo’s anger turns him into a big capital-A asshole this chapter, and a podcast fan (!!!) finally writes in to defend Amy. Meanwhile, podcaster Jo remembers channeling rage as a child, when Jo’s parents forced Jo to wear a horrible dress.

“Fuck that dress.”

Amy’s Valley of Humiliation (Ch 7) – QLW007

Remember pogs? In this rollicking episode, we find out why pickled limes are their 19th century equivalent. Lou Alcott comes through with a solid display of sexism and hatred of Irish people… And for all the listeners named Amy out there, Maggie finally takes your side. But Jo still hates your guts. Sorry.

PICKLED LIMES                                                                             POGS

Which would you rather have?

Beth Finds the Palace Beautiful (Ch 6) – QLW006

Honk if you love Beth. Or better yet, listen to this episode, because Beth’s the star of the show. While she summons superhuman bravery to walk down the road and considers playing the piano in Amy’s face (who wouldn’t?), Maggie and Jo lose it over Beth’s impending death. Get the tissues ready.

Being Neighborly (Ch 5) – QLW005

In this episode, Laurie’s grandfather honors Jo’s gender: Probably because “Italians are always nice!” (Unlike Jo and Meg, who pronounce themselves minxes.) Jo and Maggie ponder the racist children’s game “Guess Who”, and Jo’s teenage self spells whore with an H.

Does your person have a big nose? No. Does your person experience racism or sexism? Yes. I know! It's Maria!

Does your person experience racism or sexism?

Burdens/Amy is the Worst (Ch 4) – QLW004

This chapter is called “Burdens,” but Maggie has dubbed it “Amy is The Worst.” Whether or not Amy is worse than squirrels becomes debatable. Beth’s DOLL HOSPITAL(!!!) turns into a psychological profiling tool, revealing the depths of our hosts’ personalities as Jo and Maggie describe just what they used to do with dolls. And, as usual, Queering Little Women tackles the question, “Racism and Sexism: What’s the Deal??”

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A Merry…Witchmas? (Ch 2) – QLW002

If you queers love anything, it’s queering stuff. Like holidays. So you’ll be excited to hear about Jo March’s revolutionary shenanigans this episode. For Christmas day entertainment, the kids put on a theatrical performance. Jo plays the gentleman – and the pirate, and the WITCH – proving that the war on Christmas goes waaayyy back. Welcome to Witchmas, queers.