The Laurence Boy (Ch3) – QLW003

You betcha, just like Meg’s hair in Chapter 3, this podcast is on fire. Straight from Minneapolis, MN, we present Episode 3, in which Jo March goes to a party in a “gentlemanly” dress, and our own Jo eats mint balls. In a top hat.

podcast superstar Jo in top hat and tie, holding a can of Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, featuring an old man in a top hat
Uncle Joe and (Uncle?) Jo

That’s right.

A Merry…Witchmas? (Ch 2) – QLW002

If you queers love anything, it’s queering stuff. Like holidays. So you’ll be excited to hear about Jo March’s revolutionary shenanigans this episode. For Christmas day entertainment, the kids put on a theatrical performance. Jo plays the gentleman – and the pirate, and the WITCH – proving that the war on Christmas goes waaayyy back. Welcome to Witchmas, queers.