Being Neighborly (Ch 5) – QLW005

In this episode, Laurie’s grandfather honors Jo’s gender: Probably because “Italians are always nice!” (Unlike Jo and Meg, who pronounce themselves minxes.) Jo and Maggie ponder the racist children’s game “Guess Who”, and Jo’s teenage self spells whore with an H.

Does your person have a big nose? No. Does your person experience racism or sexism? Yes. I know! It's Maria!

Does your person experience racism or sexism?

Burdens/Amy is the Worst (Ch 4) – QLW004

This chapter is called “Burdens,” but Maggie has dubbed it “Amy is The Worst.” Whether or not Amy is worse than squirrels becomes debatable. Beth’s DOLL HOSPITAL(!!!) turns into a psychological profiling tool, revealing the depths of our hosts’ personalities as Jo and Maggie describe just what they used to do with dolls. And, as usual, Queering Little Women tackles the question, “Racism and Sexism: What’s the Deal??”

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