Jo Meets Apollyon (Ch 8) – QLW009


Even if your little sister burns an entire book you wrote, you probably shouldn’t let her fall through the ice to her near death. Jo’s anger turns him into a big capital-A asshole this chapter, and a podcast fan (!!!) finally writes in to defend Amy. Meanwhile, podcaster Jo remembers channeling rage as a child, when Jo’s parents forced Jo to wear a horrible dress.

“Fuck that dress.”

Amy’s Valley of Humiliation (Ch 7) – QLW007

Remember pogs? In this rollicking episode, we find out why pickled limes are their 19th century equivalent. Lou Alcott comes through with a solid display of sexism and hatred of Irish people… And for all the listeners named Amy out there, Maggie finally takes your side. But Jo still hates your guts. Sorry.

PICKLED LIMES                                                                             POGS

Which would you rather have?