Meg Goes to Vanity Fair (Ch 9) – QLW010

fuck-your-sexismYou know that thing, sexism? It’s back. In full force. Jo and Maggie take this opportunity to dig into Real Talk: on slut shaming, puberty and relationships, menopause wisdom, hormones, binders, and the pain of the gender binary. If there’s anything we can thank sexism for, it’s that it inspired another great episode of QLW.

2 thoughts on “Meg Goes to Vanity Fair (Ch 9) – QLW010

  1. Ahh I know this was ages ago so you probably don’t check here anymore but I only just found the podcast and ahhh it was wonderful! I had no idea that the stories were so closely based on fact and it’s made me see the books in a totally new light- and it’s either interesting or heartbreaking that Lou gave their character Jo a husband and a huge household full of boys when they didn’t have that themselves. I don’t think they’d have wanted to marry a man but I feel that they probably would’ve liked to have kids and that there’s a kind of wishfullness there- though they did end up adopting Abigail’s daughter after she died, I think this was after all the books were written but I’m not sure. I’m so sad that you haven’t done more of this, I would love to hear your perspectives on the rest of the book!


    • Thanks, Emily! It’s great to hear that someone is still out there listening. There are more episodes bursting to be published, our editor just pooped out! If you have any desire to get involved, feel free to get in touch. 😉


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